Net Range139.194.0.0 -
ParentNET139 (NET-139-0-0-0-0)
Net TypeEarly Registrations, Transferred to APNIC
Origin AS
OrganizationAsia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)
Registration Date2010-11-03
Last Updated2010-11-17
CommentsThis IP address range is not registered in the ARIN database.
This range was transferred to the APNIC Whois Database as
part of the ERX (Early Registration Transfer) project.
For details, refer to the APNIC Whois Database via
WHOIS.APNIC.NET or http://wq.apnic.net/apnic-bin/whois.pl

** IMPORTANT NOTE: APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry
for the Asia Pacific region. APNIC does not operate networks
using this IP address range and is not able to investigate
spam or abuse reports relating to these addresses. For more
help, refer to http://www.apnic.net/apnic-info/whois_search2/abuse-and-spamming
RESTful Linkhttps://whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-139-194-0-0-1
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